Using traditional methods based on a handmade production, Saboaria e Perfumaria Confiança’s products are made with selected, high quality raw-materials. The production is made beginning with the mixture and chemical reaction of ingredients and ends with the final packaging of the products.

In the area of Soap Production, Confiança produces soap in molds using centenary artisanal methods: solid soaps, liquid soaps and shower gels that have in their formulas several moisturizing ingredients, as well as exceptional perfumes. Confiança also produces shaving creams with ingredients that allow for an unprecedented shaving experience. The quality of the raw materials, combined with an artisanal production, create a product portfolio with both unique fragrances and a unique color palette.

In the Perfumery area, Confiança has long been dedicated to the making of colognes, with a production process that includes a maturing stage, allowing for fragrances to be enhanced to their fullest splendor.

The packaging of each and every one of Confiança’s products is entirely artisanally. Magic hands handle each product like something absolutely unique and precious. The dedication bestowed by each employee translates in products of an incredible quality, certified by over a century of history.