Saboaria e Perfumaria Confiança: perpetuating fragrances since 1894

Confiança is a solid name, with deep roots. This soaps and perfumes company born in Braga, dates back to the late 19th century, more precisely 1894. At that time, Portugal was experiencing uncertainty and political upheaval. Government followed government and economic instability was rife, but the knowledge and tenacity of the northerners has always been the hand that rocks the enterprising spirit of the Portuguese. It was during this period, on 12 October, under the guidance of Rosalvo da Silva Almeida and Manuel dos Santos Pereira, that Saboaria e Perfumaria Confiança first saw the light of day. Specialising in the production of Offenbach soap, the company soon became a reference in the sector. The Portuguese, then as now, put their trust in Confiança. Led by people with clear ideas and a strong will, a new industry was born; a delicate and elegant industry with artistic touches, ideal for seducing the female audience. Science and art hand in hand, creating exciting products that awaken unique emotions and experiences.

Despite the technical and financial difficulties faced, Confiança was able to win market preference and gained a foothold in the large towns and cities in the north. With blood, swear and tears, the brand gained ground, anchored in the fact that it was Portuguese and aware that the quality of their products would conquer the commercial adversities they faced. The product portfolio was diversified, the facilities were extended and, soon afterwards, Confiança was already a household name for soaps and perfumes in Portugal. The end of the monarchy and the changes seen in the world, especially World War I, 1914-18, made Confiança's business flourish. It was clearly positioned "as the best of what is produced in Portugal”, while at the same time challenging foreign producers, curbing once and for all the idea that good things only came from abroad. Meanwhile, having spread to the entire mainland and the islands, Confiança was a mirror of national effort, using art and knowledge to rise to the challenge of imagining and producing beauty.

After the war, a new world order emerged, which was to have clear reflections on economic activities. Given the new reality, Confiança redoubled its efforts to remain in the limelight, in order to meet the demands of the place and the time. Thus, in 1920, "Saboaria e Perfumaria Confiança” took the place of "Afonso, Almeida e Cª” and a few years later the company embarked on a phase of strong expansion and prestige. The industrial upgrading was then reinforced and the production of fine soaps and perfumes increased, so much so that in 1928 it already had 150 different brands of soaps and a wide variety of other cosmetic products, such as face powder, creams, toothpastes, shaving sticks, eau-de-cologne, lotions and essences. The Confiança products proudly boasted their brand name and some of them were of absolutely unique and enviable technical elegance. The 1950s and 1960s reinforced Confiança’s position as the brand of choice for the Portuguese. The monthly production of approximately three million dozens of soaps served not only the retail trade but also hotels and other companies that wanted their own brands. And in the 1980s, Confiança began to develop new cosmetics, adapting formulas and providing new liquid solutions, such as bath gel or perfumed shampoo.

The preservation of a brand with the prestige, quality and history of Confiança became a necessary struggle in an increasingly global market. A national brand par excellence, Confiança is the repository of over a century of know-how and experience, ever-present in the collective imagination of the Portuguese. It was these unique assets that motivated its acquisition by Ach Brito in 2009. Confiança products then moved into a charm and tradition segment and Portuguese souls remained intact, despite the tumult. True to its origins, respect for traditional methods and care in the manufacturing process, which still involves a lot of manual work, the essence of the Portuguese soul is still felt now as then: textures and brands, memories and fragrances. Since 1894. With Confiança!